Clarification Text

As Otium Otelcilik Tur. Tic. A.Ş. (the “Company”), we process the personal data of our guests in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (“PDP Law”) in order to provide our hotel services to our guests in the best possible way.

Your identity, communication, legal transaction, finance, customer transaction, physical space security, marketing and legal transaction data in this form as a company
(i) Establishment and execution of the contract between you and us;
(ii) To serve our customers and guests in the best possible way and to ensure customer satisfaction;
(iii) To examine and evaluate the complaints, suggestions, and requests of our customers;
(iv) To take necessary health and safety measures in our hotel;
(v) To fulfill our legal obligations, including the Identity Reporting Law and relevant legislation;
(vi) Sending e-mails, messages, bulletins and other publications to you about our new products or services, changes in our existing products or services, and our campaigns and promotions,
(vii) To execute marketing activities and advertising / campaign / promotion processes,
(viii) Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of our Company's operations such as efficient use of resources, monitoring and measuring the quality of our services, ensuring your safety, and
(ix) We collect and process the rights, security, property and operations of the Company, Company employees or third parties, and in order to enable the Company to use its right of defense when necessary, or to respond to the requests of official authorities or communication issues.

As a company, we can process some of your personel datas, including the ones listed below;
(i) Name, surname, T.C. identitiy number, passport number, marital status, birth date, nationality, gender, other identitiy information contained in your identity card or photocopy of your driving licence,
(ii) Your location information and your adress,
(iii) Your contact information, including e-mail, home and work phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, 
(iv) Your financial information such as credit card - bank account information,
(v) Your incident detection information on the records about the cases that occurred in the facility,
(vi) Your customer process information, such as product-service information that you used and request-complaint information,
(vii) Marketing information including your survey results and purchasing product-service information in the past.
(viii) Your preferences, such as food&beverages, room type,
(ix) Your data processing security information, including IP address, access registration information,
(x) Your travel history information, licence plate number,
(xi) Important information about your health, including allergies, chronic disorders and disabilitiy status, infectious disease information and related test records,
(xii) Audio and visual recordings of you, including CCTV.

Your personal data, for the purposes listed above, in the presence of your explicit consent to be collected through this physical form, or
(i) It is clearly prescribed in the laws,
(ii) When It is mandatory for the establishment and performance of a contract,
(iii) when it is compulsory for us to fulfill our legal obligations, 
(iv) Data processing is mandatory for the forming, use or protection of a right,
(v) Your personal data will be processed based on legitimate interests , in case of mandatory for our legal reasons

Your personal data will be in line with the purpose or purposes specified in this Clarification Text Within the framework of the transfer conditions specified under Articles 8 and 9 of the Law
(i) Third parties from whom our company receives support in areas such as storage, archiving, hosting (server, hosting, program, cloud computing) in order to carry out information security processes,
(ii) Business partners, contractors and service providers we work with for the purpose of conducting and planning business activities,
(iii) Financial institutions, law and consultancy firms that we receive support in the necessary subject to carry out activities in accordance with the legislation
(iv) Our Group Companies that we get support to carry out our business activities,
(v) To the extent relevant, it can be transferred to authorized institutions and organizations to fulfill legal or regulatory obligations or requests.

As a personal data owner, you can prepare your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the PDP Law regarding your personal data in accordance with the Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Officer, and send them Güzeloba Mah. Havaalanı Cad. 2171 Sok. Lara İş Merkezi No: 2/5 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA - TÜRKİYE or"